Client Testimonials & Success Stories

Before working with Gina, I was in excruciating pain from plantar fasciitis. I hobbled instead of walking; being on my feet, even stationary, was difficult. Moreover, the thought of standing up after even a brief rest caused me anxiety. I began attending reflexology sessions once a week and noticed tangible results within a few appointments. Within a few months, I could walk without limping, stand without crying, and get out of bed without aid. I continue to go on a lesser – but still regular – schedule as my condition will never reverse, but with Gina’s expertise, I can keep the pain at bay. As well, Gina’s presence is very soothing and stimulating. Sometimes we have interesting conversations, other times I have a relaxing nap while she works away.
If anyone asked for my opinion, I would recommend Gina. Her abilities to help go beyond the physical: she can assist when one is hesitant about their life’s path, provide cleansing of body and spirit, and advise on in-home therapy that will aid a person for a lifetime. With such diversity and a wonderful personality to accompany her skills, a patron feels valued while achieving the healing they desire.


My husband and I have been regular ongoing monthly clients and have enjoyed almost 16 years of reflexology treatments from Gina. Her knowledge and care have, no doubt, been contributing factors in our recovery from many health issues. I love, love, love the facial zone treatments she gives me. I unfailing feel a great sense of relaxation and peace during and following each session. For sure she is able to treat each person as an individual–my husband and I appreciate different atmospheres (he likes to chat while I prefer quiet music) and each of us is equally satisfied. We are very grateful for the day the chiropodist told me about Gina and for her continued excellent care. Thanks, Gina.


Before working with Gina I was in constant pain, frustrated with life, did not and was not able to move forward with everyday activities and work. While working with Gina I received amazing reflexology treatments, along with care and understanding from Gina. Gina’s hands-on treatment and her ability in identifying issues, allowed me to clear obstacles and receive concrete steps to acquire results to move forward. As a result, I have experienced less pain, more circulation and have been provided options for healing. I am able to return to some of my previous activities with a more positive outlook for the future. My advice for those thinking of working with Gina is to go in with an open mind, listen to her advice, accept as much information as she shares and give it time. Recovery does not happen overnight.


I have used Gina’s Reflexology services on more than one occasion and she is nothing less than spectacular. Her knowledge, experience, dedication and passion is what separates Gina from everyone else. She has also helped me keep my Gall Bladder which has several stones. When I told Gina about my Gall Bladder I told her my biggest problem was that I was too attached to it and we didn’t want to separate.. She said no problem you can keep it. Even though everyone else was saying to remove it I still have it today. Thank you, Gina for being you and for caring so much about all of us.


Not knowing or understanding what was happening with my feet, I began to slowly and progressively experience excruciating pain on the soles of my feet particularly near the heels. My doctor diagnosed plantar fasciitis. I took medication for pain relief and tried other sources of treatment but experienced only temporary relief. A friend of mine who had also suffered from plantar fasciitis and had gone to see Gina had gotten relief from reflexology. So, with an open mind I contacted Gina and received several foot reflexology treatments and now my pain is gone! I’m so happy and relieved to have found that reflexology worked so well to ease and eliminate my pain – thank you Gina!
Aileen Misir


I had been suffering severe foot pain in both feet for months before going to the doctor who immediately diagnosed the problem as Plantar Fascitis and filled out a requisition for me to see a foot specialist. However, once I knew what the condition was called I contacted Gina to enquire about Reflexology treatments and whether she thought they could ease the pain. She explained that there wasn’t a guarantee but felt confident Reflexology would be beneficial. Despite Gina’s gentle touch the first session was extremely painful ~ remarkably I began to feel some relief when she was finished. The second Reflexology treatment was a week or so later and it was much less painful than the first one had been, again the discomfort eased up further afterward. By the end of the third treatment the pain was almost gone! I have since recommended Reflexology treatments to others who have suffered from Plantar Fascitis and they have also benefited from their sessions with Gina. I am so thankful for these treatments and being able to walk pain-free again ~ thank you Gina!


Dear Gina:
Although I have expressed my appreciation of the reflexology treatment many times to you verbally, I would like to take the opportunity of the fact that my health has improved enough to be able to type this thank you note for you. Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with a sever case of Fibromyalgia. This new generation disease for which I’m still learning about it, literally kept me in bed for many months and took my independence away for many more months. I am presently followed very closely by a physician, a chronic pain disorder specialist and a chiropractor. Under the recommendations from my specialist and my chiropractor, I have signed up for reflexology treatments for which I was not a true believer at first. Today, I must admit that, following significant health improvement since my first treatment along with other natural treatments that you provide, I had to change my mind as the signs were so obvious. As a new patient, with no knowledge of the reflexology therapy concept, you took the time to teach me how my heath was manipulated by my sole. I was so conditioned to treat my health problems by putting something in my mouth that it was only until you worked on me and taught me that health really began from the bottom up and not the other way around that my health has improved. Today, I have no doubt that I will win my daily battle with this painful disease the natural way. My health has improved tremendously, my life is easier to live since the first time I have started my reflexology treatments. Wishing you success in your endeavours and spreading the good news on your path, I sign…P.S. I am already spreading the good news myself since I can now walk the talk!
D. Landriault, Brampton


Gina Bello of Hand, Heart and Sole Wellness has shown me unparallel passion in the industry of massage and reflexology. Over a 12 week period I have been visiting with Gina and received back to back massage, reflexology and ionization detoxification sessions with outstanding results. My system was constantly being stimulated and flushed of toxins. Being a body builder and fitness model, it was important to take care of my insides as well as the outside. Gina did just that! Also, owning and operating a successful web development business added much unwanted stress that Gina seemed to alleviate with ease.Please grant Gina Bello of Hand, Heart and Sole every consideration in your choice of holistic health professionals.
J.K. Erdt, Mississauga