Client Testimonials & Success Stories

I’m so grateful to have met you, Gina. It was a true blessing to connect with you at the Fibromyalgia Awareness Day event. Over the past year, and since working with you my symptoms have reduced dramatically and my overall pain has almost completely disappeared. The things you’ve taught me in addition to the Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Hypnosis and Vibrational Remedies that I’ve received from you has helped me heal much of the stuff I didn’t even realize I was carrying around with me. And best of all, I’m actually getting some sound sleep for longer periods of time now! It is true…even when I didn’t believe it at first, I’m glad I trusted and faithfully listened and applied what you shared—I didn’t know, what I didn’t know. Thank you isn’t enough.
Sandie H., Brampton, ON
I just want to extend a truly heartfelt thanks to Gina Bello. I first learned about Gina and all of the wonderful work she does because of an amazing Christmas fundraiser she organized on behalf of Food4Kids last December. When we finally met in person, just a few weeks ago, I was struck by what a genuine, warm person she is. As we talked more, Gina told me about Hand, Heart & Sole Wellness and I was surprised at how comfortable I was in opening up to her about some of the struggles I have been having lately. As Gina explained to me some of the work she does as a Healer, I was really excited to try some of the services she offers. Now in Week two of a long-term program Gina has customized for me, I have to say that I so, so grateful that our paths have crossed. In an amazingly short amount of time, I have learned from her SO much about true health and healing. The amount of knowledge she has shared is more than everything else I have ever learned or read, combined -and I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about health and wellness! Gina’s approach to wellbeing and ensuring that your WHOLE self is strong and healthy is so exactly on the mark. The amount of time, effort, energy, talent, knowledge and caring that she has spent with me and on my well-being program has astounded me…and we’re only two weeks into it!! I have been able to talk to Gina about some things I have never, ever shared with anyone before. If any of my other friends or family have been struggling with wellbeing issues, either specific or just a vague ‘something’s not right’, I very highly recommend getting in touch with Gina. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I feel optimistic and excited – like I’m actually on a the correct path to wellness….one that will actually work for me and for ALL parts of ‘me’. And Gina’s genuine loving, non-judgmental and wise manner just adds to the healing experience. Gina – I am so thankful for you and all you are doing for me.
Leslie H.S., Georgetown, ON
I went to Gina to help solve some health problems in 2 of my children. One was for my toddler, who in the past showed evidence of having an adverse reaction to his routine immunizations. I waited for about 1.5 yrs to resume his scheduled shots but asked for Gina to combine remedies that would be safe and effective for my son to take to help strengthen his constitution. My hope was that my son would have mild to no reactions at all after his shots. Gina was very professional, very thorough and obviously very knowledgeable in her field of work. She spent a great deal of time gathering necessary patient info and then worked on remedies. After 1 month on these remedies my son had his first catch up shot, and had zero reaction. In fact, he recently had his 2nd one and again, he exhibits nothing. I believe that Gina’s formulations for my son worked without a doubt! My older boy had also needed remedies to just help him better focus and adjust in daily life. He had been plagued with tantrums as a young and older child and into his teens these turned into raging outbursts. As a mother I have searched high and low to find someone that could help find a cause and a remedy to these emotional issues. After meeting with Gina over a few days, it became quite clear that my son had several (as many as 3) entities that were attached to him since he was very young. I was quite relieved actually when Gina mentioned this to me because it had been something I suspected for a very long time. I then had to decide how to rid my son of these disturbing entities. Gina had offered to consult her contact (Kathy Hughes) and together they came to my home and performed a very easy, non -stressful cleansing of our environment. Both ladies were very kind, compassionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable in how to deal with this situation. Today, my son is very different and it seems that he is achieving milestones that he had not been able to in the past. He socializes with the family more. I haven’t seen a raging outburst since before the cleansing and he seems to sleep better and is now setting some great goals for himself. He has never had any motivation to even leave his room and now he seems to be progressing towards his adult hood with greater ease. I believe that all of his successes to date, in this short period of time is as a result of Gina and Kathy’s work. I am truly grateful to have met these beautiful healers. I highly recommend both their services to anyone who finds themselves in similar situations and in need of assistance. Gina is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and just a lovely person to deal with. I would highly recommend her services for children and adults.
J.C., Milton
It is the greatest blessing to find a Healer who has  an enlightened  understanding and  an ability to truly create opportunities for Healing with her gift of Vibrational Remedies. This experience has overjoyed me as  Gina addressed my unbalance of low blood iron, and moderate blood cholesteral  healing the very core of the issue at hand. And I received the proof when I immediately felt the results after taking the 1 month therapy remedies, and then had this confirmed by my medical doctor after she tested my blood and I had a normal haemoglobin and normal choleresterol result!! Therefore, I will forever honour the energy, knowledge, and blessings of my experience with Gina!! This modality proved to me “unlimited possibilities!!! in a most joyous, gentle and loving way. Thank you Gina!
Tanya Kelly, Spiritual Business Coach, Akashic Record Consultant/Teacher
I went to Gina with a number of concerns including fatigue and inability to lose weight.  During my session, we went through my background, my relationships and my feelings to uncover what remedies I should be taking.  I appreciated Gina’s expertise as I always have questions – it was so interesting finding out more about pvr and how it works.  Gina also has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable despite having to talk about delicate/hard to talk about issues. Gina made my remedies and went through a comprehensive report with me.  She also gave me advice about the kind of foods work well for me well being and ones to stay away from.  This was an eye opener, as I found some foods (which are healthy for other people) were not a good choice for me.  I started taking the remedies and in about a week I started noticing a difference.  I had more energy and I just felt “better”.  I felt happier, and more positive.  One of the issues that came up in my session was that I have issues “letting go” of things. I feel like I’m able to move on now, and am in a much better place.  I started losing weight too as I think my body was having issues “letting go” of weight as well no matter what I did. I appreciate Gina’s kindness, sensitivity and knowledge and highly recommend her services.
Shannon Erodotou, Brampton, ON