Client Testimonials & Success Stories

I have been receiving the ‘original IonCleanse® detox foot treatments’ from Ms. Gina Bello in Milton, ON. I am 30 years old and I struggled with severe migraines, had difficulties sleeping, experienced pain in my joints and generally did not feel well.

At first, I was skeptical wondering if this would work. I had signed up for the 15 – session program wondering how this foot detox machine might be of service to me. I saw Gina once a week. After a couple of weekly sessions, I began to experience better sleep, my migraines became less intense and less frequent, and most importantly, I had less pain in all of my joints. I never knew how much pain I had become accustomed to until I began the IonCleanse® treatments, and the pain began to disappear and ease, over time.

An additional benefit that was totally unexpected and unplanned was the disappearance of a huge plantar wart that gradually dissipated within these 15 weeks. I did not even notice it, but suddenly, it became smaller, until one day, I looked at the sole of my foot and it was gone. It should be noted, that I had that wart for 8 years, sought help from a dermatologist, an Orthopedic surgeon and a Chiropodist, yet no one was able to help me. The wart has not returned. To me, the value of this treatment became very clear.

After having completed the 15 sessions, I was able to think more clearly. I was not exhausted every afternoon upon arriving home from work. My skin looks more refreshed and was less itchy and I simply feel better. The Original IonCleanse® helped alleviate my ongoing joint pain and constant fatigue.

As a result of having experienced such positive results from the Original IonCleanse® machine, I decided to purchase my very own unit, from Ms. Gina Bello. Although this is quite a financial investment, I believe that the benefits completely outweigh the costs.

Ms. Bello was extremely helpful in explaining how the machine functions, and how to care for it at home. She volunteered an afternoon of her own time, to show me how the IonCleanse® works, so that I would be able to use it by myself right away. Any questions that I’ve had along the way, Ms. Bello responded to them in a timely manner.

I highly recommend the foot detox treatments that the original IonCleanse® machine offers, in addition to all the other services that Ms. Gina Bello provides. 

Sabrina Cummings, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Purchased an original IonCleanse® Premiere and Trained in 2010. Gina Bello introduced myself and my partner to the commercial side of the IonCleanse® near the end of summer, 2010 . Prior to that, both myself and my partner were regular clients and receiving reflexology and original IonCleanse® detox foot baths from Gina. Gina assisted in the purchase and importing of the machine into Canada, as well as educating us on the IonCleanse® and best business practices. She considerately put together a day long training program at no additional charge which was accompanied by an excellent professionally bound booklet and sound holistic knowledge. Her day long course took us through the ins and outs of health, healing, toxic lifestyles and how to gage a person’s overall health level. She took things further by providing empowering tools we could use complimentary with our clients to enhance their healthful response to the ion cleanse sessions and protocols. She provided detailed education on how the IonCleanse® technology works, the settings, muscle testing, and unit maintenance. Gina also spent a great deal of time detailing how to market the IonCleanse® to people and how to create a successful business. She discussed numerous tools to make a professional start from networking to web-design and more. Gina is a wealth of knowledge not only in utilizing the IonCleanse® system in a business practice but in the preventative health field at large. Her passion and dedication touched our hearts and better prepared us for success with our system. After less than a year we use our IonCleanse® in practice 5-20 a week. Our success is most definitely a reflection of Gina’s training and encouragement.
Tasha Robinson and Andrew Basso, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


I was fortunate to receive training from Gina Bello when I purchased my IonCleanse® Premier Detox machine. Gina provided me with training material that she developed and that we reviewed page by page. Gina ensured she read the material and thoroughly explaining every point. It was very obvious that Gina believes in and is very passionate about the the original IonCleanse® detox technology and it’s proven results. The information provided in the training manual covered everything from why the inventor wanted such a detox machine to the very specific scientific nature of the IonCleanse®. It was almost like experiencing grade 8 science all over again! I found the training with Gina to be very interesting and informative. I appreciated the time Gina spent with me opening my unit and going thru everything to ensure I received all parts as well as Gina showing me how to put the pieces of the IonCleanse® machine in place. I am very fortunate to have Gina who is always willing and able to answer any questions I may have regarding the IonCleanse®. I would recommend anyone to purchase the IonCleanse® through Gina as well as participate in the IonCleansing® training that Gina offers.
Lisa W., Milton, Ontario, Canada