Client Testimonials & Success Stories

I have been receiving the ‘original IonCleanse® detox foot treatments’ from Ms. Gina Bello in Milton, ON. I am 30 years old and I struggled with severe migraines, had difficulties sleeping, experienced pain in my joints and generally did not feel well. At first, I was skeptical wondering if this would work. I had signed up for the 15 – session program wondering how this foot detox machine might be of service to me. I saw Gina once a week. After a couple of weekly sessions, I began to experience better sleep, my migraines became less intense and less frequent, and most importantly, I had less pain in all of my joints. I never knew how much pain I had become accustomed to until I began the IonCleanse® treatments, and the pain began to disappear and ease, over time. An additional benefit that was totally unexpected and unplanned was the disappearance of a huge plantar wart that gradually dissipated within these 15 weeks. I did not even notice it, but suddenly, it became smaller, until one day, I looked at the sole of my foot and it was gone. It should be noted, that I had that wart for 8 years, sought help from a dermatologist, an Orthopedic surgeon and a Chiropodist, yet no one was able to help me. The wart has not returned. To me, the value of this treatment became very clear. After having completed the 15 sessions, I was able to think more clearly. I was not exhausted every afternoon upon arriving home from work. My skin looks more refreshed and was less itchy and I simply feel better. The Original IonCleanse® helped alleviate my ongoing joint pain and constant fatigue.

Angela Wong-Liao, Mississauga, ON
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for looking after my health and wellness since 2003. Gina, you’ve educated me regarding the importance of cleansing and detoxifying my body via the IonCleanse® method. In my opinion, the IonCleanse® is the most effective method to remove the toxins and waste from my body as you can see and feel the results immediately. Gina, you’ve also provided me with reflexology, which helps me to have better blood circulation in my fee. As a diabetic, reflexology is highly recommended by the Diabetic Education Centre, as most diabetic patients have poor blood and lymphatic circulation in their feet and reflexology has improved this greatly for me. And in addition, you’ve provided me with the most relaxing and comprehensive full body massage, which includes facial Zone Therapy massage, hand massage and foot massage. I always feel so good after each massage which helps me to sleep better and handle stress better. As a Founder and Chairwoman and of a very popular networking group since 2002, I have dealt with a lot of health and wellness practitioners over the years, and I find you to be most professional and caring. It is a pleasure knowing you as a health professional and a friend. Thank you for taking care of my health naturally!
Sabrina Cummings, Mississauga, ON


I have experienced joint and muscle pain for years. Six months ago, doing physiotherapy exercises, I sprained my right foot. Two months of additional physiotherapy with hot and cold baths, TENS, and ultrasound provided no relief. I could barely walk a city block! I began having IonCleanse® footbaths and started experiencing relief within two treatments. From the colour of the water at the end of the bath, it was clear that I was very acidic and that my joints were a central health concern for me. Now, six months later, I am walking freely again. Of all of the modalities I have tried for my joint problems, the ion cleanse baths have made the single biggest difference. I am convinced of their role in my ongoing health and now receive baths on a maintenance basis. Thank you Gina!
E. Fairley, Toronto, ON


You see and feel results immediately — I felt lighter and my thinking was clearer. I can not believe what came out of even the first session –there was evidence of cigarette smoking and I did not have a cigarette in 14 years. Also, you could smell chemicals (chlorine bleach) which I knew that I had not used in long time. After a few sessions, parasites were seen in the water–yuk! But I would rather have them outside than inside my body. The IonCleanse® is fantastic! This is an excellent and gentle way to detoxify and cleanse your body’s system.
L. Kruger, Toronto, ON


Thank you for the ionic treatments. The ionic treatments dramatically improved my energy level which contributed to my over all total well being. I feel good and energized. Thank you for providing this for me. It was a pleasure to work with you.
S. Guerenska, Toronto, ON


I really enjoyed my detox treatments. As I told you, they gave me a lot more energy and I feel great! It was also very nice to have met you, you’re a great lady. I’m looking forward to seeing you again for my Fall/Winter detox.
D. Williamson, Burlington, ON


As a Tupperware Manager and maker of Ear Candles, I live a very hectic life with my husband and two teenage sons. Gina is always available, and very accommodating with her services. I have experienced both her seated massage both personally and also as an incentive to my team, as a reward, and the ionic cleanse. I purchased the package of Ionic Cleanses as I was feeling “not well”, could not put my finger on it exactly, just tired and sluggish. During my cleansing sessions I did experience an unexpected cleanse of parasites from my intestines, which I contribute completely to the change in my system. Since these sessions I have noticed improved energy and new found joint relief. Gina’s approach is always so professional yet caring, she truly embodies the true meaning of Hand Heart and Sole!!!!! Thanks again Gina!
J. Shaw, Brampton, ON


As a seeker of innovative technology and non-invasive approaches to health and well-being, I feel blessed to have met Gina Bello. My experience with the IonCleanse® Detoxification and Zone Therapy has added to my personal repertoire of knowledge. Not only, for the first time, do I feel ‘clean’ from the inside out, but as a Family Therapist, I will continue, with confidence, to refer my personal clientele to Gina.
R. Stillo, Punta Serena Self-Discovery Place, Vaughan


I want to thank you so much for your care during my IonCleanse® treatments. I truly believe it has made a difference in my health. Among other things I have felt less joint pain in my shoulder and hip. It is practically gone. My hair is fuller and healthier, I sleep much better and my energy has improved a great deal. It was amazing to see the process and progress of this treatment and how much cleaner and clear the water was on my last treatment. I will certainly continue with the IonCleanse® periodically as recommended.
O. Grant, Mississauga


I can’t begin to tell how your services helped me in my cleansing process. The TMJ that I had has stopped bothering me and I know it was because of the IonCleanse®. I wish you lived closer to me I would have more done with you. Please keep in touch!
B. Bollers, Brampton, ON