“Hi Gina, just want you to know that I saw my sister for the first time since my etheric cord cutting session with you. What a wonderful experience. She left the house and I looked at my husband and said: “ I am amazed, I am calm, not upset or ready to pull my hair out” – Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!


J.S., Mississauga, ON


“Working with you Gina, has provided me with the confidence to find my voice and strength to take control of my life. You helped me begin this journey during an Etheric Cord Cutting session, with loving, healing Reiki, and Vibro-Pathic remedies made specifically for me. I knew I felt stuck, trapped, and unable to move without feeling guilty to live my life and destiny. The results of these sessions allowed me to tell those in my life who were holding onto me, exactly how I felt and why I needed to be free to move forward. It allowed for dialogue and feelings to be expressed in a safe environment. The sessions were powerful for me as the experiences helped me to understand my own value in cutting energetic cords & to finding peace within without regret.   Thank you, I am grateful.”

-Barb C., Toronto, Ontario


“I met Gina at a networking event. She was a guest speaker.  I was going through something at the time and I was praying for some help or for an answer.  I soon as I heard Gina speak, I knew she was my answer.  I immediately called to book an appointment.  Gina walked me through the assessment and through her dowsing method, determined an Etheric Cord Cutting session was what was needed and was best suited for me.  Once I arrived at the appointment, I was a little nervous but Gina immediately sensed that and made me feel very welcome!  Her space is very relaxing and calming.  She explained everything that was going to happen and assured me that it was a safe and non-judgmental space to release anything I needed to!  I felt very comfortable.  Once we went through the healing, I felt a lot lighter and more at ease.  The next couple of days after the session, I still felt the effects of the healing and my mind was becoming clearer and clearer on the past issue.  Roughly 2 weeks after and up to this day, I no longer have that issue or feel the same as I did before the session.  I have completely healed.  I still have to deal with the person & the situation but because of the healing I experienced, I see things differently and it no longer effects me the same way.  This has made my life so much easier!  I am so thankful for Gina and her services.  I recommended her to a friend who was also very pleased with her services! If you are in need of any of her services, Gina is the one!!!! ”

-Simone M., Oakville, Ontario