Client Testimonials & Success Stories

I’d had ear candling before by someone else and had not expected that it would be much different, but Gina’s addition of the face and hand reflexology during the session made it that much more relaxing and not only that, but it really helped with my sinus congestion and drainage. I’ve had 3 more sessions since, it feels great every time and I can’t get over how much clearer everything sounds, how much lighter my head feels.


Thanks, Gina. Your candling session really helped clear out some old and impacted wax, I now can hear much clearer – not that muffled “under the water” feeling. I’ll be back! Cheers.
Mel K.


So that was Reiki!? It felt so relaxing when you did that with the facial massage with the ear candling. Really made me drift off somewhere…Loved it all. Thanks, Gina.