Spring Cleaning for Miltonians! Cleansing & Detoxifying from the Inside Out

Gina M. Bello written for Milton Curiosities Magazine

Aaahhh Spring! Daylight hours extend into the evening, the sun shines brightly, and there’s freshness in air with the peaceful and soothing sound of birds chirping. YES! It’s FINALLY here. At this time of year, the routine most people follow is to “prepare” for the changing season as they sort through their closets, organizing and “spring cleaning” the contents – taking the warmer weather jackets and clothing out for use and storing the heavy coats, boots and outerwear for next winter.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine practice (TCM), the body should also be “cleaned” routinely and a following a complete body detoxification protocol is vital in maintaining balance and for good health. Often, you may have heard of the need to continuously supplement vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in our diets and whenever possible to eat organic so as to reduce and control the amount of toxins we ingest and that we accumulate in our bodies from our environment.

It’s important to supplement additional vitamins and minerals that we don’t obtain from our regular diets. Media has reported that nutrient rich soil has been depleted of the minerals that were once there. So routinely putting “good” stuff inside our bodies is important – but, also routinely taking out the “bad” stuff by cleansing and detoxifying our bodies is just as important.

There are several methods available for one to cleanse and detoxify. There are herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, and these are just a couple of oral methods by way of ingesting substances that will synergistically address cleansing specific organs or as a blend to cleanse all body systems combined.

There’s also another detoxification method that is visual, non-invasive, gentle and very effective in cleansing the body at cellular level. Generically, a technology known as Ionization Therapy but most specifically, IonCleanse® – a method of detoxifying the body in the form of a foot bath has been steadily increasing in popularity and is becoming a mainstream method used for regular cleansing and detox program.

Be careful though, not all Ionic foot bath units are the same. Helpful tips to consider when examining an ionic foot bath detox program: About the unit itself:

  1. Safety is critical when using an ionic foot bath. Since the introduction of this technology in 1999, several versions of the ionic foot bath have been introduced into the marketplace. The Original IonCleanse® PremierTM (manufactured by A Major Difference in U.S.A.) has not been duplicated by other manufacturers of similar units for its engineering, safety and compliance. Ionic foot baths typically manufactured in China and the Orient make use of wristbands. Wristbands serve one function – to ground the individual through the unit. Due to contact with the wrist, any fluctuations in the wall current may have a direct path to the heart. The leakage current running through the wristband in these units is extremely unsafe.
  2. Check for Official Safety Reports. Ensure the manufacturer (of the unit you’re reviewing) is able to support safety claims and can provide safety standards test reports. The IonCleanse® PremierTM has passed all of the applicable tests to receive CE clearance. The actual reports along with the FCC testing are found for viewing / downloading on their official website www.amajordifference.com.
  3. About the practitioner: Are you a candidate for ionic cleansing? Ensure the practitioner using this technology is trained and is familiar with the unit’s abilities & limitations. Does he/she ask questions and check for possible contraindications? There are some conditions that would make this type of cleansing and detoxification inadvisable.

One of the first practitioners in Canada to be trained by the co-inventor of this technology, President of A Major Difference, Dr. Robert Moroney, DC I have been using this technology with my clients, for myself and my family since 2002 with tremendously positive results. I am able to use, sell and train in the use of the Original IonCleanse® PremierTM for practitioner use, and IonCleanse® SoloTM for personal use.

If you’re considering some “spring cleaning’ for your body, from the inside out, I urge you to consider this detoxification protocol and hope to assist you in reducing toxicity in your body, raising your pH level from an acidic range towards an alkaline range and to helping you feel healthier, and more energetic!

Gina Bello, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Hand Heart & Sole Wellness www.HandHeartAndSole.com