Chair Massage is massage performed on an ergonomic massage chair.

This modality is designed primarily for one thing – Relaxation. And relaxation addresses two common problems that many people experience:

Stress, and Nagging pain and tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and arms. 
This type of massage involves a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish techniques used to calm the recipient, reduce stress and relax tense muscles.

What’s great about Chair Massage?

It’s non-intimidating! – There’s no need to get undressed. It’s just as effective as table massage and done in a relatively shorter time; allows the body to achieve a

relaxation response in as little as 15 minutes*

No oils used or required.

On-Site Chair Massage In The Workplace

Onsite relaxing chair massage is an ‘extra special’ addition to your planned event, conference, and for ongoing service to proactively care for your business’ greatest asset–your staff/team in your office or workplace location! During the conference, and with no interruption, attendees choose their pre-selected time-frame, sit in a comfortable, ergonomic massage chair and quietly receive a seated massage by one of our team of certified associate practitioners. Connect with us for more information. Let’s discuss your event or business needs and how we may work with you to improve morale, reduce absenteeism & computational errors, and have happier, healthier more productive employees at work, and guests at your event.

A Massage in the Workplace provides Measurable Results:

  • Lowers Absenteeism
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Turnover
  • Reduces Computational Errors
  • Improves Morale, and Employee / Employer Relations

On-Site Chair Massage or Hand Massage / Relaxation Station at Events

A great addition to add value for attendees at Corporate Meetings, Team Building Events, Conferences, Golf Tournaments, or during coffee breaks.  Our on-site team of professionals can assist you in promoting health and wellness at your event.

Our Team

Our Massage Team consists of professional, experienced and dedicated associate massage practitioners that are all certified in chair massage having all graduated from accredited massage training programs and all hold professional liability insurance.

Please CONTACT US for an information package and quote for your company, office, staff or special event.

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* Positive effects of Massage found a short 15-minute massage to be just as effective as a one hour massage. **


* University of Miami School of Medicine Touch Research Institute, in Miami, Florida. Authors: Miguel A. Diego, Tiffany Field, Ph.D., Chris Sanders, Maria Hernandez-Reif, Ph.D. Originally published in International Journal of Neuroscience, 2004, Vol. 114, pp. 31-45.

** Moyer, C., Rounds, J., & Hannum, J. (2004). A Meta-Analysis of Massage Therapy Research. Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 130, No. 1, 3-18.