ZONE THERAPY – FITNESS for your FACE™ is acupressure reflexology performed on nerve-endings of the face. It is the most powerful self-healing tool, using a precise set of techniques for facial dermatological enhancement, maintenance and reversing the aging process.

Reflexologists / Zone Therapists believe that granular deposits of waste matter concentrate around reflexo points in the form of uric acid and calcium deposits. With Zone Therapy this toxic matter is broken down in order to free the “energy flow” along the zones, open blocked nerve pathways and improve the blood and lymphatic systems to flush away toxins.

Extraordinary facial exercises and self-enhancement based on reflexology and acupressure firm and tighten the face muscles and jaw line and they reduce sagging skin and the look of lines. Used as an exclusive facial treatment at the finest spas in the world, you can now have the extraordinary benefits in the privacy of your own home.

Barbara Cartland, Sarah Ferguson, former Duchess of York and the late Princess Diana have all used Zone Therapy in order to gain muscle tone and retain youthful looks.

“Zone Therapy is a breakthrough way to have a non-surgical face lift that has all the up-sides of beauty, feeling good and healthy in a natural, organic way.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®.

You will discover a dynamic difference in the way you look and feel in as few as 3 sessions. Zone Therapy will also help remove harmful toxins from within as well as boost your energy level for better health and vitality. It’s the easy and safe way to just press away the years, pain and signs of aging on your face and body.

Now you can afford to experience what royalty and celebrities have enjoyed at world-renowned spas. Now you can learn the secrets of celebrities and royalty and learn the Zone Therapy techniques and daily facial exercises that will give your face a healthy glow, leave your skin smoother, tighter and toned and appear as though you had a face lift but WITHOUT SURGERY!

Learn Zone Therapy – FITNESS for your FACE™!!