What are Personalized Vibrational Remedies – PVR ?

Vibrational remedies work to restore imbalances in human energy systems. There have been studies showing the healing effects of homeopathy, flower essences, gem elixirs, and therapeutic touch.
Vibrational remedies don’t contain a substance that promotes healing–they contain the “signature” or vibration of a particular substance. That vibration resonates with the vibration of human cells to stimulate healing. Dr. Richard Gerber has authored several books on the subject of vibrational medicine, he states, “while the chemical agents of modern medicine may treat the symptoms of dis-ease, vibrational remedies create energy changes at multiple levels in order to produce a more lasting healing.”
Many people have tried vibrational remedies and know they work. In his books, Dr. Gerber provides the scientific data needed to validate that knowledge.

Untitled1Physical Attributes:                                                      

  • Personalized Vibrational Remedies or PVR are similar to Homeopathic remedies that are prepared in a liquid form and taken by ½ dropper full under the tongue 3 times per day.
  • There are no ill side effects and Personalized Vibrational Remedies will not interfere or counteract with any prescription drugs that may be taken concurrently.

How Are Personalized Vibrational Remedies Made?

To arrive at an understanding and determine the “vibrations” or essences to be included when actually creating a Personalized Vibrational Remedy for a client, a trained practitioner will employ several methods to assist in the client’s healing.

  1. HHS banner 2 smallInitial Consultation: An initial consultation is conducted with the client to gather confidential health history, to learn about client’s symptoms and related health concerns regarding the current situation the client is facing.
  2. Diet: The client’s diet is reviewed as a basic foundation for balancing the body reviewing consumption of specific foods for a person’s Element using the Traditional Chinese Medicine model of 5 Elements, proper food combining, proportions, acid / alkaline foods, and contractive and expansive foods.
  3. Symptoms Analyzed: The client’s symptoms are analyzed considering time of day, time of year, emotions/trauma, and the placement of issues on the body as it relates to meridians.
  4. Client Assessment: Clients are assessed on four [4] levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  5. Physical Body: Often the symptoms that exhibit on the physical are ready to be addressed by using a Personalized Vibrational Remedy to heal the physical cause of that issue.
  6. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies: For some people their issues are stored in the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. To heal these issues, regression and healing methods are used. The exact moment that particular issue arose in the body is determined and then released by healing that moment. Since cellular memory is stored in the muscles, the healing creates relaxation in the physical areas that the issue was stored. This method is used in a balanced way, releasing trauma gently to restore circulation and well being to those areas.
  7. Emotional Mental and Spiritual healing is sometimes needed before a physical symptom can be healed with a remedy. In this way, physical symptoms can be released from the body on a deeper, long term basis.
  8. Vibrational Essences: Personalized Vibrational Remedies are made or created using the principles of radionics. Personalized Vibrational Remedies contain the vibration, energy or natural components (some examples are crystal energy, plant essences, flower essences, etc.) that are needed to restore harmony and balance the body.       These remedies are created according to the symptoms the client presents and may address not only physical issues, but also emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the person to determine root cause of the dis-ease or illness.
  9. Similar to classical homeopathic remedies that may be in liquid form also, these types of remedies are usually available in various strengths. The Personalized Vibrational Remedies are similar as they are also blended formulas in liquid form, however they are available in one strength, are formulated to address inherited health issues or miasms, can also be combined with current environmental contaminants to develop a remedy geared to clearing a specific disease or symptom.
  10. auraThe body heals in layers. Primary issues and symptoms must be addressed in the order they present in the client’s state of health. When symptoms have manifested on the physical level, the root cause of illness must be found and most certainly will be tied into one of the other levels: emotional, mental, spiritual.
  • Dis-ease does not happen overnight. At the same time, the client must be ready to heal and willing to do the “work” that is required to heal. If it requires more than just addressing what is on the physical level, then emotional, mental and spiritual “work” may also be required.

I’m passionate about assisting people on their journey towards wellness; healing; mind, body and spirit balance; and feeling better.

The human body’s innate ability to heal fascinates me. Even more remarkable is the relationship between the physical body and the mental and spiritual elements. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and spiritual connections all have a direct impact on our state of health.

During the years that I’ve practiced holistic healthcare, I have learned a fundamental truth: to truly be healthy means to not only address the physical issues but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues as well. By doing this, we achieve a state of ‘homeostasis’ or quite simply, balance.

Vibrational medicine: very deep and positive healing achieved by addressing subtle energy bodies: emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Please contact us to confidentially discuss your current health concerns.

Disclaimer:  The initial consultation is not meant to take the place of medical diagnosis. As in all cases of ill health please consult a medical practitioner for diagnosis. We address the vibrational area of the body, which some call the aura or human energy field. From the client’s aura we can determine the harmony or disharmony of different aspects of the person. We can then compare the vibrations of different remedies to see if they would help the body improve the vibration of that aspect of the person.