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Reflexology is a natural healing art based upon the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, ears, face and feet that correspond to every part, gland, and organ inDSC_1466 the body. Through the application of pressure on particular areas of the hands, ears, feet and face, reflexology relaxes tension, improves circulation, promotes the natural function of the related areas in the body and maintain health.

Certified Reflexologists consider the body as one complete unit and thus all work on points in the hands, ears, face and feet in order to help the body return to and remain in optimum state of healthy functioning. Reflexology is a relaxing and beneficial technique by which pressure is applied with the hands and without use of any mechanical or electrical device.  (Reflexology Association of Canada)

EFerguson Kidney stone2

Gina’s Reflexology Client Passes a Kidney Stone!

“I’ve been a chronic kidney stone maker my whole life. Something that I’ve found that helps me is foot reflexology at Hand Heart and Sole. Not only do I find that it speeds the passing process, but for me, it also eases the pain associated with kidney stones. I find, in my case, letting my body naturally pass the stones, benefits me in the short term and the long term and finding natural practitioners like Gina to help me has been a blessing.” ~ E. Ferguson

Gina Bello, RRPr ~ is a Registered Reflexology Practitioner with Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario (RRCO)

Do you have INSURANCE COVERAGE for REFLEXOLOGY THERAPY through your employer’s plan?

Check with your employer and/or the company’s Human Resources Department to verify that the following criteria is met:

  1. Your employer’s provider recognizes Reflexology Therapy
  2. Your employer’s plan has included Reflexology Therapy as a service covered within the plan.