Hi Gina, I  just wanted to say thank you for the Reiki session.
Not sure what you did but I have felt amazing ever since. I have myself confidence, worth and love for myself back. Things and people have changed around me all for the better. Well, I guess that’s because I’ve changed. I don’t care what people think anymore, I really do love myself and happy. I’m not trying to please anyone or make them like me as I am happy with myself now. I’m learning to stick up for myself,  and say no. I’m getting to know myself better and listen to my gut. I am more self-aware. And the biggest thing I have noticed is that I talk to myself differently now, I have got myself out of panicking situations and more loving towards myself even when I feel I haven’t done my best. Everything has changed tremendously for me in the last week. It’s amazing what happens when you do truly love yourself. That reiki session really got me back on track again. Thanks so much! ?…Oh and also I feel more in control with myself too. It’s the best feeling ever!! ??

S.P. Toronto, ON

I went into my reiki session with Gina wanting to raise my vibe before starting a new chapter in my business and left with so much peace and trust that I am on the right path. In the week following, I had more clarity than I’ve had in years and was able to let go of some old thought patterns and let in the support I needed. I also received a tailbone adjustment from Gina that almost instantly relieved some lower back & pelvis issues that showed up postpartum. I had been seeing an osteopath and physiotherapist and Gina’s treatment was the only one with instant and sustained relief. If you love feeling AMAZING inside and out, Hand Heart & Sole comes highly recommended. Thank you, Gina.

Tamika A., Milton

Since meeting you Gina, and becoming your client for the past 6+ years, I have experienced personal growth and healing with your treatments and your kindness.
Reiki has helped me to shed anger and pain that I held onto for many reasons and now my treatments bring peace and calm. Alternating my treatments between reflexology and reiki, and always having an ion cleanse with facial reflexology afterward is so relaxing and it has made such a difference in my health and well-being. I find the cleanse always so interesting.
Gina, thank you for always giving me your time, listening and offering suggestions over and above the treatments that I am receiving. I am thankful to you to have found such an amazing practitioner and friend.

Susan F., Milton