I worked with Gina during a Breakthrough regarding my relationship to money, to improve my performance at work and to identify and remove the negative thoughts that hinder my efforts at the best life possible. My work performance has improved and the negative thought structure that I built over years has been removed. I am no longer plagued by negative thoughts. I never realized how much these thoughts tortured me. For example, I would have the constant belief that there is not enough time in my day to do everything. I would catch myself saying it out loud as well. This is gone for me. Completely erased and replaced with peace. If you are looking to undo years of learning bad habits, beliefs and thoughts you need to call Gina. Having peace of mind is priceless.

Heidi Cherry ~ Milton, ON


Working with Gina during a Breakthrough was a wonderful experience.  She was attentive and in tune with what I needed before I even knew I needed it. She drew from the multitude of experience and knowledge she has, with tried-and-true techniques. As a working mom of two young kids, I thought I had maxed out my time. With Gina’s help, I surprised myself with how much more I could do and still have time for me. I felt more focused, more motivated and as though I had my own personal cheerleader. If you are ready to make a significant change, Gina is the lady for you! 



Prior to working with Gina in a Breakthrough, I didn’t have the mind/body connection nor did I have a relationship with myself at an unconscious level.  I struggled in decision making as I logically/consciously analyzed everything.
Working with Gina through our breakthrough process she demonstrated professionalism and assertiveness in determining and recovering my root concerns and successfully removed them.  She has also displayed compassion in achieving my goals and keeping me accountable to them.
I highly recommend and would refer Gina’s Coaching services as she passion, drive and strength for people makes who she is, an incredible Coach.